We want the elderly to reclaim their lives and not be sedentary and dependent on others.We want to reclaim the park for the people who will most benefit from it. We want to reclaim the way societal needs are addressed,  and most of al we want to reclaim the rights of people to live and age the way they want to.

Using 9 major drivers for our designs we are able to create a unique recreation and park facilty to aids the welfare of the elderly.


People are dynamic entities that have moods, change their minds, prefer different activities, different interactions. Buildings are limited in their ability, they are static in their form, limited in their uses. They provide the infrastructure for many requirements of an ageing population, such as health-care facilities and spaces for aged-care requirements. They also provide shelter and protection from the elements but they lack the dynamism that is required for active ageing. Open space and parks on the other hand have this dynamism. The ability of a park to be able to provide different settings at different times of the year, month, time give a park an ability to appeal to the widest range of active person. The ability of a park to have flexible spaces for a range of different recreation types enable any level of active interaction.

Our role at Silk Tree is to provide the palette for Active Ageing, to provide the opportunity for the elderly and senior citizens to be able to recreate, meditate and interact in an active setting and with other people to enjoy a higher quality of life than that given by a built facility. Our parks and open spaces drive the surrounding developments and buildings and give a setting that enhances and improves a aged care facility.

Design for Active Ageing

Creating Places...Creating Spaces